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What Sets Tooth Pillow Dentistry Apart

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

The Tooth Pillow Dentistry is unique in that we only treat patients under sedation.

1. Our pediatric dentists, dental anesthesiologists, and office staff are specifically trained to treat patients under general anesthesia and consistently work together, resulting in exceptional outcomes for our patients.

2. Our treatment plans are tailored specifically to the needs of patients that require dental sedation, reducing the risk of the patient needing to be put to sleep again in the future.

3. Other offices utilize a mobile anesthesiologist that travel with their equipment.  At the Tooth Pillow Dentistry, all of our equipment and back up equipment remains in the office at all times, reducing the risk of the anesthesiologist being unprepared.

4. We do not use anesthesiology or dental residents to assist or perform our cases in private offices, a common practice in Long Island.  Instead, two anesthesiologists are present in our office at all times ensuring your child’s safety.

Who Do We Treat?

The team at The Tooth Pillow Dentistry is trained to treat a wide variety of patients and tailors the treatment for each child appropriately. 

Our office is prepared to treat:

  • Young patients

  • Special needs patients

  • Medically compromised patients

  • High fear and anxious patients

  • Children with a severe gag reflex

Should consultations with other medical professionals be warranted our office will effectively communicate with your child’s healthcare providers to ensure they are appropriately cared for.

At The Tooth Pillow Dentistry, we will treat your child as if they were our own.  Our patient's and their family's happiness and comfort are our top priority and we will go above and beyond to ensure your experience with us is exceptional.  

Trust your child with the experts in pediatric dental sedation, The Tooth Pillow Dentistry.

Dr's Abra DiLisio, Jessica Levy, Raquel Rozdolski, & Esther Levine-Pincus

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