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About Our Practice

Sedation Dentistry  or "sleep dentistry"

Dentistry can be performed under IV sedation in the dental office for patients who are unable to sit for treatment in a traditional dental chair setting. Patients will be kept deeply sleeping throughout their procedure while all necessary treatment is done safely and efficiently.

How it Works

We will perform an initial consultation with you and your child to evaluate their medical history, dental needs, and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.  We then schedule the sedation appointment.

On the day of the procedure your child will be kept comfortable and safe under anesthesia while all of their dental needs are addressed.  

As your child starts to wake up after the procedure, we will bring you back to them so you can be there when they wake up. After your child has recovered and post-operative instructions have been discussed with you, we will discharge your child home.

Dental Services

We provide comprehensive dental treatment.  All necessary treatment will be completed in one visit.  Procedures performed include, but are not limited to, white fillings, crowns (both stainless steel and esthetic white zirconia crowns), pulpotomies. extractions, space maintainers, cleanings, xrays, scaling and root planing and sealants. 

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